What is included in WVRD Memberships? Membership gives you access to great deals on all the fun programs we offer! If you use the Rec even just a few times a year, you can save money as a member! See the different options below:

Regular Membership Includes:
Free Admission to:
Open Gym
Tot Open Gym
Open Basketball
Indoor Cycling
Member Hikes
Discounted Rates On:
Climbing Wall
Summer Camp
Adult Fitness Classes
Guided Hikes, Snowshoe Hikes & SOLO Classes
Special Programs

Regular Membership Annual Rates
(for non-WV taxpayers &/or non-WV residents):
   $53 Youth (under 18)
   $63 Adult 
   $199 Family
Membership w/ Pickleball includes all regular member benefits as well as unlimited Pickleball play:

Membership w/ PB Annual Rates
(for non-WV taxplayers &/or non- residents):
   $130 Individual 

Any membership gives you the ability to purchase the Season Boat Pass.

All confirmed WV taxpayers and WV residents are entitled to all membership benefits free of additional charge. Adult children of WV taxpayers and WV residents age 26 & older must purchase their own membership and will no longer be covered under their parent membership benefits.
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